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Entrust program. Engaged for Experienced.


Most startups will almost definitely want to raise funds at numerous junctures in their expedition. In this stage, the entrepreneur needs additional funds to sustain current growth and to perform chores like market substantiation.


Among the most important phases of establishment and running a startup is obtaining funding that will facilitate further growth and development.  At such a delicate time in a new company’s lifespan, waiting on decisions for long can be a surprisingly costly process.


UMG Idealab’s Entrust Program supports you at every point along your entrepreneurial journey so when time really does mean money. The amount of pre-seed and seed funding that you need to develop the initial aspects of your business. These additional funding rounds include:


  • Series A

  • Series B

  • Series C


Besides providing capital fund, we can also help you in shaping and optimizing your investment proposal by sharing experience and know-how in all stages and reorganizing, raising and managing a venture capital fund.


UMG Idealab main goal is to found as many successful startups as possible — all from the ground up. Be part of our ecosystem expedition.

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